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Light House Keeping

Light House Keeping

Light House Keeping

Light House Keeping

Light House Keeping

Did you know that a majority of a person’s mood is a direct reflection on the environment that they are in? We believe that a healthy environment will lead to a healthy mind, body, and soul, and that starts with maintaining a clean home! Light housekeeping may become increasingly difficult as you or your loved ones continue to age, leaving your home vulnerable to neglect. When a home is not cleaned appropriately, there may be a number of dangerous bacteria, dust, and hazards that can lead to injury or illness. Our goal with our light housekeeping services is to provide you an environment that you and your loved ones are comfortable living in rather than moving to an assisted living facility that may not feel like home. If you or your loved ones are struggling with maintaining a clean and hygienic home, conducive to happy living, our caregivers can help!

Our highly skilled caregivers will step into your home and give it the refresh it needs by performing a variety of light housekeeping tasks. These tasks allow you or your loved ones to enjoy the comfort of home while ensuring that the environment is clean, healthy, and continues to serve as an excellent place to live. Maintaining the overall cleanliness of a home by dusting, mopping, and vacuuming ensures that the surfaces, floors, and furniture are conducive to long-term living in the comfort of your or your loved one’s home.

Light Housekeeping Services We Offer:

  • General bathroom maintenance including keeping the environment clean and sanitary allows the individual to use the restroom knowing that it is clean and safe for them to use.

  • Bedroom maintenance may include changing the linens on a bed and ensuring that the bed is a safe, clean, and enjoyable place for you or your loved one to sleep in. This will be beneficial for anyone who is struggling to maintain a clean bed and may experience a disrupted sleep pattern because of it.

  • Maintaining a clean kitchen is of the utmost importance because, without a clean kitchen, the food that you or your loved ones eat may not be suitable for consumption. Our caregivers can clean the countertops, wash dishes, or clean the fridge to ensure the food that is prepared in the kitchen is safe to eat and that you or your loved ones will enjoy spending time in there.

  • Organization is incredibly important because it can reduce clutter and the risk that a fall will happen in the home due to disorder within the home environment. Our caregivers can help reduce the clutter in the home and ensure that you and your loved ones feel safe to move about the home freely.

  • Collecting and taking out the trash within the home ensures that all waste is disposed of and is kept out of areas of the home that should be kept clean. Our caregivers will ensure that trash is placed in the trash cans and will take out the trash cans once they are full and ready to be emptied.

  • Our caregivers will assist with laundry and ensure that clothes are clean and ready to be worn.

  • Simple pet care allows our caregivers to provide a second set of eyes for you or your loved one’s pets to ensure they are getting the food and proper exercise they need to maintain a healthy and happy life!

As we grow older, it can be increasingly challenging to keep up with the cleanliness and sanitation of the home. Allow our caregivers to provide you with top-notch light housekeeping that will ensure you and your loved ones have a healthy, safe, and productive environment to live in. Our caregivers will allow you to age peacefully at home!

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