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Personal Care

Personal care assistance encompasses a broad range of services in which a caregiver offers hands-on support for you or your family member in completing daily tasks. Our compassionate caregivers deliver timely help, enabling you or your loved one to gracefully age within the familiar surroundings of their own home. Having a dedicated in-home caregiver supply personal care assistance instills a sense of peace among family members, assured that their loved ones are well taken care of. Personal care assistance can significantly enhance the life quality of older adults, restoring their sense of independence. Our top-rated caregivers receive rigorous training, focusing on equipping your loved one with the personal care assistance necessary to enjoy a comfortable life at home.

A vital element of care includes medication prompts and supervision, which involves ensuring the patient's prescriptions are taken conscientiously, punctually, and with precise dosages. Caregivers at North Pacific Home Care are adept at verifying that you or your family members have consumed the appropriate medication quantities at the right moments, while meticulously documenting these activities for your healthcare provider. Our committed caregivers will safeguard your well-being and that of your relatives when administering prescribed drugs and averting misuse beyond the provided guidelines. Our seasoned caregivers can support you and your family members in managing medication in various forms.

Our caregivers can provide a wide variety of personal services:

  • Bathing. It is of the utmost importance for you or your loved ones to be clean, hygienic, and practice healthy self-care and bathing habits. If bathing is a problem area, our caregivers can assist with bathing activities such as showering, bathing, sponge baths, etc.

  • Using the restroom. As you or your loved one ages, it may become increasingly difficult to use the restroom independently. Our caregivers can provide aid with using the restroom and with various bathroom activities, including incontinence care, urgent urination or defecation assistance, and accident clean-up.

  • Personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is incredibly important to ensure that an individual is living a healthy and high-quality life. Our highly skilled caregivers can assist in skin care, such as applying lotion to dry skin; brushing and washing hair; and assisting with oral hygiene practices, such as brushing teeth.

  • Dressing. Wearing the proper clothing is important for elderly individuals, especially if they are more susceptible to falls. Not only is it important to pick out the proper clothing to ensure that an individual is safe throughout their day, but the act of getting dressed in the morning can be quite dangerous for those who are not steady on their feet. Our caregivers can help choose safe articles of clothing for our clients and assist them with dressing.

  • Walking. When an individual is ambulating throughout their home, it is important that they have a safe environment to move about freely. Our caregivers can assist them with walking and ensure that the environment is conducive to mobility by clearing any clutter or being there to assist them if they need it.

As people age, personal care frequently gets neglected due to the inability to care for oneself as in the past. Enlisting the aid of an in-home caregiver for personal care support ensures peace of mind, knowing that our experienced caregivers can manage necessary personal care duties for you or your loved one. This allows for graceful aging and well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.

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