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Why Does Quality Assurance Matter in Care? …Completely Essential

Why Does Quality Assurance Matter in Care? …Completely Essential

Why Does Quality Assurance Matter in Care? …Completely Essential

North Pacific Home Health has developed our Quality Assurance of Care to ensure that we consistently provide quality customer service, quality Caregivers, and quality in-home care for our Senior Care clients. Our team prioritizes and focuses on making sure each client and their families are satisfied with their care.Here are the steps we take to provide the highest quality of care:

The “Favorites” List: We aim to be consistent with the staff we send to your homes. We work with our clients to develop a list of caregivers they connect with and determine what kinds of personalities they like. We pay close attention to their preferences and schedule the caregivers they know and love.

Client Satisfaction: The team routinely calls our clients to review care services, update changes in schedules, and document feedback to provide a higher level of support to family members.

Caregiver Satisfaction: Our Quality Assurance of Care Program also monitors the satisfaction of our Caregivers and internal employees. Periodically, we ask our caretakers and employees to complete comprehensive surveys regarding their experience with 24 Hour Home Care. We analyze this data and implement new strategies to improve the way we train our staff, the benefits we provide them, and the company’s overall culture.

We Are Local: We have local staff accessible to directly support any feedback or concerns in real-time.

We perform routine check-ins and surveys to ensure your loved one receives the care they deserve and is satisfied with our services.

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A Trusted Name in Home Care

Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with clients and professional partners. Over the years, we've fostered strong connections within our communities, and most of our clientele come to us via referrals from hospitals, home health partners, skilled nursing facilities, and physicians. Our commitment to excellent service has earned us recognition through several industry awards and commendations.

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